How does it work?

upload, enrich, publish, sell and distribute!

Using Push2Tablet is easy! After registering your company you can start uploading your PDF's. Using our portal you can enhance your documents with social media links like: Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In and more. Also YouTube video integration, reader comments, external links, image galleries and other audio and video material.

After enriching your PDF with our online WYSIWYG editor you can publish your document and preview it in Tablisto on your tablet. The actual distribution can start after we received a signed copy of our distribution agreement. You can then offer your document for free or for sale through our Kiosk within the Tablisto app using In App Purchase. Or sell your document using your own webshop and our advanced Webshop API

No webshop of your own? Use our free Push2Tablet webshop.

Whenever a user purchases your document he or she will receive a unique ticket from our system. This ticket in turn can be exchanged for a license to receive your document automatically on the users tablet using "Tablisto".

More info about Push2Tablet is available on: (opens in new window)